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Charge-Pack polymer is working great!  I’m using 40% less and producing cleaner centrate.  This allows me to run the centrifuge for longer periods without affecting the rest of my process.

Nate L.
Plant Superintendent
Using Charge-Pack 140

With your polymer my belts run cleaner allowing for more drainage and dryer cake solids.  Since switching to Charge-Pack we are saving money on both chemical and disposal costs.

Dan R.
Plant Superintendent
Using Charge-Pack 919

Your polymer is more pH tolerant than our previous product.  We have saved money on lime and are using less polymer.

Vito D.
Operations Manager
Using Charge-Pack 280

BFI 40 hit our nocardia foam like a hammer.  I have never seen a product work so quickly with stubborn biological foam.

Bob M.
Process Supervisor
Using BFI-40

Aqua-Pure solved our high lead and copper issues.  We’ve struggled for years with high residuals before using your phosphate; now we’re on reduced monitoring with D.O.H.

Brad H.
Using Aqua-Pure 125

Stable-Chlor has extended the life of our sodium hypochlorite pumps.  By adding this product we no longer need to clean our pumps monthly.

Joe G.
Using Stable-Chlor

No more red water!  Aqua-Pure has taken care of the iron issue we had and nearly eliminated customer complaints.

Lenny F.
Chief Operator
Using Aqua-Pure

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Stable-Chlor has extended the life of our sodium hypochlorite pumps. More »

Joe G. - Operator

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