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Case Studies

Municipality Drastically Improves Belt Press Performance

A city contacted Clean Waters to help optimize their belt presses. They felt that they were using a large amount of polymer and not getting good performance from their belt presses. They also had to constantly adjust flow rates and polymer dose throughout the day, tying up an operator who could be doing other things.

Clean Waters performed an extensive bench scale test to determine the correct products to try. 2 different polymers were selected to run full scale. The full scale test was a great success, with 25% decrease in polymer dose and 2% dryer cake. The municipality is now using our polymer continuously, and reports that the operator no longer needs to constantly monitor the belt press. They estimate that between reduced polymer consumption and dryer cake they save approximately $10,000/year.

The Charge-Pack line of polymers are the highest quality flocculants available on the market. Give them a try and you’ll be convinced.


Water System Finally Passes Lead and Copper Tests with Help from Clean Waters

A small municipality contacted us about their lead and copper testing. They had problems with high metal residuals every time the test was performed. In the past they had tried pH adjustment, flushing, and phosphate treatments with little success. The local health department was running out of patience and told the village that the problem needed to be rectified.

The village asked Clean Waters to offer a solution. We performed water quality testing and developed a treatment plan based on the water chemistry and system design. The plan uses both pH adjustment and an Aqua-Pure blended phosphate product. The village passed the next round of lead and copper tests and has passed every subsequent test for the last 5 years.

Clean Waters can develop a customized program for you. Whether you are treating for lead, copper, iron, manganese, scaling, or a combination we can help. Our quality products and years of expertise in the water industry will optimize your system to be its best.

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